What Our Parents Are Saying...
We are proud to be so well received by our parents and community. Read what they have to say about Shine Like Stars Preschool!        

"My daughter thrived here and learned so much in just one short year! We will miss Shine Like Stars, but are leaving knowing our daughter is kindergarten ready thanks to them!" - Anonymous

"My daughter loves coming to this preschool. After enrolling, she immediately began impressing us with drawings of faces, objects, shapes and letters. It's great to see her excited and blossoming." - Jennifer Fielding 

"She is loving and not afraid to hug. Kids this age need a lot of TLC and Diane is very patient." - Dawn

"Shine Like Stars Preschool is like a second family to me. We have been with Diane Ryan since the 2005/2006 school year. I feel my children are leaps & bounds ahead of other children their age because of the specialized attention they have received from Diane & her staff. Each student is greeted with a smile & a hug. You may even find your child quoting Ms. Diane: "Ms. Diane told us we shouldn't eat sugar because it is bad for our teeth." Your child may come home saying words you don't understand because at ages 3, 4 & 5 they are learning Spanish. I could not imagine sending my children to any other preschool than Shine Like Stars. I want the best for my children, & I know that is just what they are getting with Diane Ryan and her preschool." - Kim Donnelly, mother to Paige, Robert & Noelle 

"When Diane is doing circle time and other group activities she pulls children out and works with them one on one. Diane really throws herself into each child. She is really involved with the kids' lives. She's genuine and nothing goes unnoticed." - Janel

"When we traveled to Texas my daughter could communicate with the Spanish speaking waiter while my teenager couldn't communicate as well." - Sherry

"The very first month at Shine Like Stars my son changed dramatically. He started bringing home beautiful craft creations, wanted to go to the bathroom by himself, made a lot of new friends, started singing new songs, and recognized letters! He can't wait to go to preschool because there are so many exciting new tasks that Ms. Diane comes up with every day. This preschool is the best choice I made for my 3 year old!" - Elena

My daughter Audrey LOVES going to school. She has made so many friends and enjoys spending as much time as possible with "Miss Diane." - Karen Hockins

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